If you are researching online using the search term best charter school near me, you might find something different, and, dare we say – better? Adamo Education micro schools have everything you are hoping for in a charter school and more. Why? We are free, your tax payer dollars have already paid for your child’s education. We operate under a charter school umbrella. But, here is the difference. Our micro schools are committed to small class sizes so that your child has a warm, nurturing and personalized academic experience that sparks the love of learning! Plus, our certified teachers, proven curriculum, and individual academic plans help each student thrive at a time where learning is crucial to future academic success.



The Best Charter Grade School is One Where Students Love to Learn

Many parents believe that a positive, personalized learning environment is lacking at their child’s current grade school. If children in kindergarten and grade school do not receive positive reinforcement and personal attention, they begin to dislike school and disengage from the learning process, causing them to fall behind academically. When this occurs, parents need to move quickly to find the best grade school for their child so that he/she can have their unique learning needs met and begin to enjoy learning again.



The learning model at Adamo Education micro schools is a return to the roots of education, similar to the one room schoolhouse of decades ago. Grades are blended together in one room so that students learn socially, emotionally and academically. Each student receives an individual learning plan and personal attention so that curiosity and a love for learning infuses their academic journey.



Project Based Learning Sparks Exploration at Adamo Education Micro Schools

Adamo Education micro schools use project based learning to spark students’ curiosity and engage them in the learning process. Students are not overburdened with unreasonable homework assignments as we recognize that meaningful learning also takes place outside of the classroom. There is less reliance on standardized testing and more emphasis placed on developing critical thinking skills. Learning is self-paced so that every student moves at the pace that best facilitates their effective learning.



Our positive, encouraging culture is part of the educational process. Students learn to be respectful, considerate, and kind in our schools, which lays the groundwork for positive, productive citizenship in the future. A positive, respectful, encouraging environment where manners and respect are reinforced is essential to ensure that your child will be safe from negative influences.



Our curriculum is research tested and proven to engage students in critical thinking and problem solving as opposed to teaching for a test. Our students develop a love of learning that will be invaluable throughout their lives.


Don’t Search for the Best Charter School Near Me, Find out About a Better Option!

If you are conducting an online search for the best grade school near me, or the best charter school near me, please consider a different, better option with Adamo Education micro schools. Our free micro schools offer the same benefits of charter grade schools and kindergarten, but create a better environment for children to excel in their early elementary academic years, leading to success in high school and college. Start the kindergarten enrollment process and/or grade school enrollment process at one of Adamo Education’s free micro schools in the Phoenix AZ metro area HERE.



Learn more about why this unique learning environment is an exceptional choice for parents who want their kindergarten and grade school children to love learning. For more information about our metro Phoenix area micro schools, download the Adamo Education info kit HERE. Please feel free to call or text: 480-209-2429, or e-mail us at info@adamoeducation.org.   Stay up to date by joining Adamo Education’s numerous social media platforms and subscribe to our blog.  Our Facebook page is HERE.  The other social media platforms and blog subscription option is below.