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Welcome to Adamo Education

Adamo Education is the next evolution of learning, combining the best elements from traditional, digital and at home learning to create a positive, personalized environment where children love to learn.

Our learning model features exceptional certified educators focused on providing authentic, hands-on learning with quality attention for every child. Using proven, evidence-based, engaging curriculum, we work in partnership with parents to create the optimal, flexible learning environment for each child.

At Adamo Education, we believe every child can learn and every student can be successful.

Learning Benefits

See what makes Adamo Education so innovative



Learning plans and schedules are personalized, developed in partnership with parents to create the optimal learning environment for each student.


Working in partnership with EdKey Inc., a large charter school network, we strengthen minds using proven, evidence-based, engaging digital curriculum.


All of our teachers are certified and use Socratic Teaching Methodology and project-based learning.


Using a fixed learning / variable time approach, our in-person instruction combined with our e-learning digital platform makes learning better than ever.

Micro School

Similar to the one-room schoolhouse of decades ago, learning is enhanced when children of different age cohorts interact with one another.


Positive and values-based, we create a safe space to encourage creativity and a genuine love of learning.

Learning Model

Taking the best of what we’ve known to create something better

Adamo Education combines best practices from traditional, digital and at-home learning models to create something completely unique for busy students and families today. Our model features certified educators providing in-person instruction at small microschool environments, complemented by proven, digital curriculum that gives families the flexibility to continue learning remotely whenever desired. It’s perfect for everyone from the family simply craving more time together to those accommodating demanding extracurricular schedules.

What People Say

Real thoughts on the Adamo Education difference

Kurt Sabel – Parent

Kurt Sabel


As my child’s former Vice Principal, Mrs. Becker impressed me with her ability to seamlessly serve students, staff and parents with equal amounts enthusiasm, energy and competence. Driven by her passion, Tamara made tremendous impacts benefiting the classroom, the school and district as a whole.


Andrea Bartolomeo

Former Student

“When Mrs. Becker was my 5th grade teacher, she transformed my “I can’t” attitude to “watch me do this.” She inspired my love of learning, which is stronger than ever now that I’m seven years into my own teaching career.”


Beth Kulish


“Tamara has been an inspiration to me with her knowledge of educational resources, innovative ideas for student success and the encouragement of educators, students and families alike. I highly recommend allowing your children to be a part of her amazing program, she will help them become the leaders of tomorrow.”


Amber MacRobbie

Former Teacher

“Tamara Becker is a visionary who brought to life meaningful learning experiences and successful programs. She’s always been focused on student-centered instruction, research-based practices, academic growth and the social/emotional needs of students.”


Susan Stradling


“Adamo Education’s founder, Tamara Becker, understands parents who want to be a part of giving their children the best educational experience possible, but who also need direction, support and accountability. Her innovative ideas and devotion to quality education will help students achieve success.”

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The Adamo Education Difference

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