What Makes Adamo Unique?

Adamo Education is the next evolution in learning, combining the best elements from traditional, digital and at home learning to create a positive, personalized environment where children love to learn.

Traditional Learning

  • Face to face (15-20) hours per week
  • Project-based learning
  • Focused remediation and enrichment
  • Individualized learning plans created

Digital Learning

  • Evidence-based digital content
  • Student focused digital platform
  • User-friendly
  • 24/7 access
  • Diverse learning opportunities

At Home Learning

  • Strong at home learning connection between parent, student and teacher
  • Ability to work at their own pace with guidance/support
  • Parent has access to student platform

Micro School

Known as a micro school, our learning environment is similar to the one-room schoolhouse of decades ago. Why? Learning takes place best when children of different age cohorts interact with one another. Class sizes are intentionally small so students receive the personal interaction they need. And, all of our teachers are certified, so children learn from subject matter experts.


Working in partnership with EdKey Inc., a large charter school network, Adamo Education strengthens minds using proven, evidence-based, engaging digital curriculum.

We use project-based learning, a method of structuring curriculum around projects to promote learning of prioritized academic content. This method sparks the curiosity of students while engaging them in the learning process and focuses on developing critical thinking skills. Further, our students enjoy both digital and in-person field trips to connect their learning to the world around them.

Student success is measured through benchmark assessments three times per year and state assessments (required).

Special Education programming and services are also provided in partnership with EdKey.


Learning schedules are personalized and developed in partnership with parents to create the optimal learning environment for each student. In-person learning might take place for a few hours each day, or three full days a week – it all depends on what works best for students, parents and teachers in each Adamo location. 


Our positive, encouraging culture is an important part of the educational process. Adamo Education students learn to be respectful, considerate and kind, which lays the groundwork for positive, productive citizenship in the future. More than anything, our culture fosters a love of learning that will be invaluable throughout our students’ lives.